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Ego States - detailed notes

A powerful insight into the Four Gears principles - and a practical way to increase your leadership impact.

Ego States and difficult conversations

How to use each of the effective states to plan for a difficult conversation. Examples of phrases from each state are included. 

The Transition Curve

Whist change is complex, it seems there is a process that humans go through. We've shown this in the form of the Transition Curve and it tells us that there are four primary needs that managers and leaders need to meet.


How to attract people to an idea or vision? Framing and reframing is the key.


A brilliant way to structure a collaborative conversation. Use it to chair meetings, coach somebody or have a difficult conversation.


A checklist for understanding team motivation based on five key rewards and threats. 


Culture is too big a concept to think about - but break it down into the smallest units of recognition and change becomes more possible.


Simple but not always easy to do. Mindfulness has the potential to significantly increase your personal and situational awareness.


The five drivers represent automatic negative thoughts that are present during times of pressure. Managing them can only bring about positive things.

The Power of Thoughts

If how we think shapes how we feel and how we behave - then it makes sense to examine whether our thoughts are helping us to achieve what we need. This article examines how it is possible to practice new thoughts based on an understanding of how the human brain works.

The Power of Checklists

Can you afford to leave things to chance? That's the basic premise behind the use of checklists in aviation and health systems. In these contexts the results have been fantastic. The difficulty seems to be that bright, experienced people find the idea simplistic or patronising!

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