The art of seeing

Being a service provider means we don't sell off the shelf. So what are you getting for your money? Take a minute to find out or get in touch for detailed case studies ...

Leadership Development

10,000 leaders worth of experience.

Our starting point for leadership development projects is to deeply understand where you've come from and where you're heading. Typically what we'll get is the business case but what we really need is the psychological case. Why would people be motivated to head where you're going? How do they really feel about it? How much energy for change do they have? What behaviours have become second nature in your culture that will now hold people back?  

Understanding the emotions at work means we can genuinely partner with you to move things on. The next phase is to engage your leaders in the process of change. That's the work we love. And we're good at it.

Relevant. Engaging. Practical. Energising. An approach we've refined from working with over 10,000 leaders across the world.  

Team Development

Development not 'bonding'

There's a time and place for building a raft. Clients use us for something else.


Team development for us is about developing a culture of psychological safety within the team. It was interesting to see that Google also recently found this factor makes for their highest perfoming teams.   

What we do is develop behaviours from team members that mean they can be honest with each other about the challenges, successes and tensions that will always in exist in any set of human relationships. For some teams we work with that might take some time - with others it's about using the approach to make progress on real business issues - making sure that team dynamics help, rather than hinder. 

It's quite a simple idea - but of course it's not easy. With senior teams you can't just put people in a circle and ask them to 'share' - it takes trust and skill and the experience gained from working with many hundreds of teams; from the deeply dysfunctional to the stellar perfomers.

Being a trusted advisor to many teams, across many industries is something we are hugely proud of.​

Partnership Development

The chains that bind you

Partnerships, supply chains and alliances each bring their own unique opportunities and challenges. If you didn't think you had a specific organisational culture - this is when you find out you have! Everything you read about collaborative ways of working tells you that mindset, behaviour and culture are a fundamental part of the success formula.

Developing open, trusting relationships in these contexts is not easy work to do but the cost of not doing it is even higher. There is no particular magic to how we do this - yes, we have models and tools that people find very helpful, but what our clients pay us for is to be the safe, trusted, credible pair of hands to bring people together to share perspectives, resolve differences and start the practical work of building the behaviours that will lead to success.

In practical terms, some clients ask us to work with them at the start of a project to establish an effective working relationship, others ask us to faciltate them as they make key strategic decisions.

Management & Union Relationships

Where it all started 

Our ability to work effectively with both management and union representatives was how we first developed our credibility as a psychology practice for business over 20 years ago.


We've found that when one party is stronger in behavioural terms than the other, it becomes almost impossible to build an effective industrial relations partnership. Our professional backgrounds help us to build trust and credibility because confidentiality is a fundamental part of our code of conduct. In this context, both parties need to know that they can talk to us in confidence as we build the skills to make them more effective at influencing, being assertive, having difficult conversations and joint decision making.

We regularly facilitate joint union and management metings for our clients.  Unions tell us that their representatives are better able to resolve issues early on so that they can spend time on the bigger issues rather than escalation of minor ones. For one of our clients the 12 months following our initial work was the first time in a decade that they hadn't had a strike or a threat of a strike.

What may seem intractable to some clients becomes a fascinating challenge for us.   

Customer Engagement

The fight is on!

Customer experience is the new battle ground and of course, psychology is one of the keys to winning.

We're fluent in the language of customer journeys, touch points and word of mouth marketing - but our expertise is in engaging people to become more customer focused through their everyday behaviours and interactions. If we're really honest, our particular expertise is doing this with people for whom it's not historically been part of ther role or who associate customer service with insincere 'have a nice day' platitudes. 

So if you're a manufacturer becoming a service provider or are already in the customer business but have people with skills to learn - that's just the sort of project we could add some value to. For British Airways pilots, we won an award for it.  



Flexibility and value

In some circles, the role of a coach is purely to ask good quality, open questions. It's something we're actually very good at, but most of the executives we coach want to take advantage of advice and expertise as well. So that's what we do. 

If the individual needs something that has a psychological answer, then we'll do the coaching ourselves - so for example if it's about leading the team, a transition issue, a stakeholder relationship issue or even a personal or family problem. If, on the other hand, it's more a direct business issue then we'll use our network of associates (many of them former clients) - we have experts in a range of fields from generalist HR and Finance through to Lean implementation. 

Coaching & advice. A refreshing approach.

All the coaching comes with access to our own surveying and 360 feedback instruments as well as the major psychometric tests if getting data would help to shed light on the situation.


For larger groups of people we offer Skype and phone coaching through our enriched e-learning platform.


Enriched e-learning

Beyond content

We've got some excellent on-line material. You've probably got some excellent material too. Getting great content online is the (relatively) easy part. To bring about real change using e-learning we need to move beyond content.

With a range of price plans to choose from, we enrich the on-line experience for participants in the following ways:

  • In person, video, phone or on-line coaching before participants access the content.

  • Recommended pathways based on the coaching session - saving your colleagues time and the feeling of being swamped by too many resources.

  • Coaching moderation - participants gain points on our platform for making contributions, we coach and encourage them creating a facilitated experience. 

  • Implementation coaching after the content to help people create implementation goals with a higher ROI than normal goal setting.

We give you a dedicated area in our award winning platform so that it's just your colleagues taking part. It's flexible enough to enable you to create short courses for small numbers or long courses for huge numbers - all accessible on PC, mobile and tablet devices.


You can use our content, ask us to make or curate some specifically for you, encourage colleagues to upload their own, or blend all of the above with your own existing content (videos, PDFs, presentations, websites, quizes, work assignments). 

Take advantage of the learn anywhere concept but make it add value too - talk to us about moving beyond content.