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Mark Neath

Lead Consultant OR Consulting


Where does the story start?

My working life started straight from school doing clerical jobs for a couple of very large, well known UK organisations. Let's just say it was a disappointing start – but it proved to have a profound impact. My first-hand experience of poorly designed work with a succession of indifferent, unskilled, uncaring managers fuelled an interest in the nature of work that has motivated me ever since. We spend a lot of time at work – and it bothers me that a lot of that time for a lot of people can be draining, wasteful and sometimes a bit soul-destroying.

If you weren't a psychologist what might you be doing now? 

Career profiling tools tell me I should be in advertising - I'd enjoy the creative buzz but some of the ethics I'd find a bit dubious.

Tell us something that you've learnt about the world of business.

There's no doubt that 'people issues' are now firmly on the map for most organisations – whereas 15 years ago you still had to sell the idea a bit. Having said that, it surprises me that some of the basics are still woefully lacking. People are still wasting valuable time sitting in terrible meetings, senior managers still prefer to 'roll out a comms plan' rather than stop and actually engage with people.

What single change would make work life better?

Better meetings - without doubt.

Technical Specs

BA (Hons) Communication Studies, Sheffield Hallam University. MSc Organisational Psychology, UMIST, Manchester. PhD: Sheffield Hallam University.

Career History: ORConsulting (2011 – present). Bristol Business School, Senior Lecturer (MBA) and consultant (2009- 2011). ORMultiView, Managing Director (2006-2009). ORConsulting, Consultant (2000-2006). Sheffield Hallam University, social psychology lecturer  (1990-2000). BT, engineering assistant (1988-1990). NHS, A&E reception (1983-1988).