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Mark Hamlin

Before ORConsulting where were you?


I worked in the Promotion of Health, running a large department in North Birmingham that included the biggest HIV/AIDS prevention team outside London. I did outreach work in, what was called then, ethnic minority health care, and teaching behavioural skills to first year medical students. I was also Chair of the Alcohol Advisory Service, and sat on Central Television's trust which gave away money from their very successful Charity Telethons.


If you weren't a clinical psychologist what might you be doing now?


A lighting designer working at The National Theatre.


Explain your work to a seven-year old child.


We listen and ask questions. I enjoy stories that people tell me about their work and then I think of ways they can do it better.


If your client only remembers one thing after working with you, what do you want it to be? 


That I helped them become a better parent. (Leadership skills and parenting skills are surprisingly similar.)


Technical Specs

BSc Psychology Hull University, MSc, Clinical Psychology, Birmingham University.


Chartered Clinical Psychologist. Associate Fellow, British Psychological Society.


Career History: ORGroup Founder (1991 - present). Between 1972-1988 - Art and Drama Teacher. Food Processing Operative. Radio Presenter. Computer Operator. Research Associate for the Department of the Environment. Head of Ethnic Minority Health Care. Clinical Psychologist, District Health Promotion Manager. Management Consultant (1988 - 1991).