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Psychopathy at Work

It's been suggested that up to 4% of people in senior positions in organisations meet the clinical criteria for a diagnosis of psychopathy and a larger percent demonstrate significant psychopathic traits as part of their personality.


All of this raises some interesting questions: How do you spot a workplace psychopath? What should you do about it? How do you avoid employing one in the first place? 

The power of the frame

"We need to take back control!" Whatever your thoughts on BREXIT, the leave campaign arguably had the most resonant frame. Whenever we try to persuade people, we inevitably attract some people and risk repelling others. Framing is one of the simplest and most far reaching concepts we've come across to explain why some change efforts work and why some reach a plateau. It's an idea that works for everyday things as well as the more complex and it really does work!.

You frame things everyday - so why not get better at it!

But do we have to talk about our feelings?

What's the logic for thinking about emotions when you're a change agent? One of our Psychologists shares her experiences over the years and the tools and models she relies on to help. It's an exciting time to be using such an approach as new technology is providing hard neurological evidence to overcome what some still see as a 'soft' subject.

Award winning customer engagement

Our 'Peer Award' winning programme for British Airways led to an increase in customer satisfaction with the airline's pilots - no mean feat given that satisfaction was already high! A great partnership with BA and BALPA the pilot's union and a deep understanding of the mindset of customers and pilots created the right conditions for this innovative success story.

The last workplace taboo?

Is it OK to cry at work? Are there differences between men and women when it comes to how we display our emotions at work? A fascinating insight into the latest neuroscience and what it tells us about this potentially difficult but important topic. And the taboo - we're talking the 'M' word. 

If ever there was a place to apply some psychology ...

It might not be the 'sexiest' topic, but actually you'll be hailed a hero if you applied some of these practical insights to your meetings. Meetings are where your culture plays out, where clarity is made or muddied, where alignment is built and trust developed. We're constantly amazed that so many meetings are wasted opportunities. The opportunity for you stand out and show some leadership is probably in your diary right now.

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