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Gill Green

Lead Consultant, OR Consulting


Before ORConsulting, what were you doing? 

Before working in business I managed a team of healthcare professionals in the NHS and I specialised in forensic psychology which meant acting as an expert witness in court. I was often asked to assess a person's fitness to plead, their ability to parent a child or comment on someone's mental state at the time of their offence. I particularly enjoyed the pressure of cross examination - the court room is a place where your credibility, expertise and knowledge are put to the ultimate test. It was a great training ground for the work I do now.

If you weren't a psychologist what might you be doing now? 

From a young age I yearned to be an archaeologist. I spent a wonderful summer on a Saxon dig in East Anglia but it quickly dawned upon me that I was much more interested in the living than the dead. So, I ditched (!) classics and history and discovered psychology.

Tell me something you've learnt about the world of business

I'm still amazed that whether an organisation is developing medicines, delivering financial services, manufacturing nuclear fuel or running an airline, it's almost always the people issues that get in the way of success. Wherever people are genuinely interested in each other and treat each other with respect those are the businesses which are more likely to achieve their goals.

Technical Specs

Qualifications: BSc Hons Psychology, Southampton. MA Child Development, Nottingham University. Diploma, Clinical Psychology, (British Psychological Society). D.ClinPsy University Of Cardiff.  


Chartered Clinical Psychologist.

Career History: Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Research Psychologist and General Manager, Swansea, South Wales. (1992-2002). Head of Child and Family Clinical Psychology Services; Head of Learning Disability Services, Pembrokeshire, South Wales (1989-1992). Clinical Psychologist – Child and Adolescent mental health services, Pembrokeshire South Wales (1987-1989).