The impact of coaching. 

The convenience of e-learning. 

The focus of a tailor-made programme.

We passionately believe that online learning can deliver its potential - but we need to think beyond content. In this video (2mins) you'll hear how we enrich the digital experience so that it generates real engagement and change... 

... and if you like what you've seen,

take a tour of the platform. 

Readiness to learn coaching
  • Users log in to the website and watch a welcome video that fully explains the process.

  • On their profile page, they have the option to confidentially upload any Development Centre, Psychometrics or 360 reports that they feel will provide a history of their development to date.

  • They can request any psychometrics or 360 feedback that you want to include (optional).

  • They then complete a readiness to learn coaching session identifying goals, interests, preparedness, motivation and personal barriers to learning.

  • Our price plans give you the choice to have the coaching delivered face to face, through a video or phone call or via an in-depth online survey.  

It's a complete win-win! Knowing what people want to learn and why they want to learn it fundamentally transforms the way we can moderate their engagement with the online material. The coaching process also helps your colleagues become clear about their objectives - and when people are clear, they get busy.

Active moderation
  • Users access the content on tablet, PC or mobile devices at times which suit them.

  • Some of the content may be existing learning assets owned by you. Some of the content may be developed by ORConsulting (either making the content ourselves, adapting existing content to suit your messages or curating existing material online).

  • With small cohorts we can recommend specific content for individuals so that they can use their time effectively and enjoy a personalised learning pathway.

  • Users are encouraged to contribute to online discussions, rate the content they like and if they wish, to upload their own suggestions.

  • Our psychologists act as coaches, encouraging and moderating the conversations so that contributions are always focused, meaningful and grade relevant.

Implementation coaching
  • When setting developmental goals, people often focus on what they want to achieve - their intentions. However, the latest research tells us that we need to focus instead on the specific ways in which we will implement our goals.

  • Facilitated ‘implementation goals’ increase the probability of turning intentions into genuine actions.

  • Face to face, phone, video or survey based delivery helps you control the investment you want to make.

  • To help measure ROI, we follow up their progress with online surveys at 6 month or 12 month intervals.

If you've ever had your L&D externally evaluated, the chances are that they were critical of the way you evaluated and encouraged the transfer of learning. It's always been a big issue - partly because we all get excited about the content and neglect the process. So, let's solve that issue right now and take advantage of our ability as psychologists to skilfully coach people and systematically evaluate their success. 

3 minute tour of  the platform 
(best viewed full screen)

We can enrich any learning that requires a change in mindset or behaviour. 

If you want us to enrich a curriculum based course - we can do that and include assignments as an option.

If you want people to understand your vision, values or the landscape they operate in - that's good too.

Anything that can be put online can form the 'content'.

So you focus on the changes you want - and use our skills to engage people in the process of that change.















With 4 levels of enrichment to choose from

Level 1

Readiness to Learn

Via online survey

Moderated Content

Focused at cohort level.

Regular review of content.

Implementation Coaching

Via online survey


Level 2

Readiness to Learn

30 minute phone call

Moderated Content

Focused at cohort level.

Content updated based on cohort feedback.

Implementation Coaching

30 minute phone call


Level 3

Readiness to Learn

60 minute video call

Moderated Content

Focus is on individual goals.

Participants have email access to psychologist.

New content created based on cohort feedback.

Implementation Coaching

60 minute video call


Level 4

Readiness to Learn

90 minute in person

Moderated Content

Focus is on individual goals.

Participants have email access to psychologist.

New content created based on individual request.

Implementation Coaching

90 minute in person


Enough options to give you complete control
  • Choose our content or use your own.

  • From 1 participant to 1,000.

  • Make the content optional or mandated.

  • Create 'gates' to progress through or keep it all open.

  • Make it formal or informal in tone.

  • Fully brand it as your own.

  • Use the inbuilt 'experience points' to encourage competition or collaboration.

Security and intelligence
  • Secure and scalable, our hosting system is backed by industry leading SLA and an ISO27001 data security certification

  • Users can earn credits for their participation recognised by most Learning Management Systems.

  • Facilitators are professional Psychologists with a code of conduct from the British Psychological Society.

  • Full reporting system gives you data about engagement and completion levels.

  • Our moderated coaching and evaluation provides unparalleled insights into the extent that you are are a learning organisation.