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We use psychology to solve business problems

What we do is simple, if not always easy.

If you've got a problem to solve and you know that the solution requires changing human behaviour, then it is likely we can help.

We've been helping organisations achieve sustainable changes for over 20 years - all through word of mouth recommendation.

We solve problems like these ...

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How do we manage teams during lockdown?

The essentials of good leadership haven't changed. The demand for them has. We're working with teams on-line to coach them through.

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How do we fix a broken performance management process?

Our multinational client had the courage to keep things simple. Massive impact and no need for expensive tech.

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How do we manage ourselves during lockdown?

Everyone is unique. Our skills as Psychologists enable us to be responsive in helping people find solutions that work for them. 

Travel preparation concept with insuranc

What can we do to increase policy renewal rates?

Our client in New Delhi have taken our behavioural change insights to run A/B tests across their call centres.

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How do we manage the transition out of lockdown?

We're working with leadership teams to engage and involve their organisations in vital conversations about the new normal. 

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How do we maintain effective IR in a complex industry?

Nuclear power stations in the UK have used our Behavioural Skills approach to good effect over many years.

We're proud to be solving problems with some great clients right now.

So, who are we?
  • ORConsulting is part of the Organisation Resource Group, based in the UK and USA

  • Our core team are all professional Psychologists with years of leadership experience

  • We're the classic combination of small company, large reach with all the dedicated customer focus that comes with it

  • In terms of capability, we do all the things you'd expect of a people oriented consultancy - coaching, facilitation, training, assessment & development centres, research, feedback systems, team development - it's just that none of these are 'off the shelf' 


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