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Aedrian Bekker

Managing Director, OR Consulting


Where does the story start?

I was born in South Africa. When I was training in the early 1990's the country was undergoing a remarkable transformation. Being part of a society that was going through these changes inspired me to get involved. It also taught me about the human capacity for forgiveness, redemption and sheer pigheadedness. I learned that in changing anything, no individual action was ever too small or ever enough. 

Before OR Consulting what were you doing? 

I worked as a clinical psychologist in the NHS in York. However, early on I found that institution and culture of the NHS was as intriguing as the clients/patients it was treating. It was fascinating and exasperating in equal measure.

Technical Specs

Qualifications: BA (Hons); MA Clinical Psychology (distinction) – University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa MSc Organisational Psychology, Birkbeck College, University of London Affiliations: Chartered Clinical Psychologist with The British Psychological Society.  

Career History:  ORConsulting (2000 – present) Clinical Psychologist, York Healthcare Trust (1996-2000) Intern Clinical Psychologist, Eastern Cape Health Dept, SA (1994 - 1995).